I just got into streetswear brands and I’m interested in what you think about these brands. When I look at brands like Supreme, Bape, Stussy, and Off White I see amazing designs and exclusivity is what catches the eye. The only streetswear brand I know currently is Stussy and it’s a T-shirt. I’m sure if you’re into skateboarding you are well aware of these brands.

Many celebrities such as Justin Bieber have been wearing these brands which have made more people aware of how they look. There’s a lot of brands out there which we tend to get attached and can’t stop looking at. Justin Bieber wears just about every brand you could think of in his outfits which could make you consider getting something similar. He has set trends for how people wear certain outfits such as long or distressed shirts.

Another influencer on streetswear clothing is Kanye West who has seem to set the biggest trend of 2016 which is the “YEEZYS” collaborated with Adidas.

Are you into streetswear brands?

What are your thoughts on any of these brands?