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This will be interesting to see — LOL

Abe sees women just like how Trump sees women and how he treats them, maybe we will see and hear Abe trying to grab Ivanka by her pussy!

Japan sees their women as a private property of a man, Japan has an old colonial marriage law still in practice today mostly used by the Yakuza for enslaving white women who marries a Japanese man abroad and follows them to Japan to meet the mans parents, but instead soon as they land in Japan they are sold off to white sex slavery which is controlled by White Orchid Society which is a branch of Japanese Yakuza.

Japanese marriage law states that once married a woman becomes the husbands personal property!

If the husband needs more money to support himself and his family he can rent or sell his wife and or his daughter to a brothel for the glory of Japanese Empire!

This is the mindset of the Japanese businessmen like Abe, Trump just handed/sold his daughter to the Japanese!

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