My Experience with Vlogging so far

So as some of you may know, I traveled with my girlfriend Meghana, my roommate Justin, and then my good friend Jhoselyn. We have been fans of EDM music for some time. So with all that said we packed our bags and traveled to Miami, Florida. What was exactly in Miami? Well one of the biggest music festivals in the world! Ultra Music Festival 2017 feautured many artists like Tiesto, DJ Snake, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garixx, Galantis, and more. You can watch the series on youtube right here:

The experience of being able to capture so much content on my GoPro Hero 5 Session was very very cool! At our beautiful rented house from AirBnb we had a pool, patio, pond, and trampoline. I was able to record everything. The dives and jumps into the pool. The jumping on the trampoline, or just us hanging out at the patio. To be able to look back on all those little things really makes you appreciate the experience. Same things goes for being at Ultra Music Festival. Even in the rain, I was able to keep the camera out because the GoPro is waterproof. So during sets such as Tiesto, the lights would be flaring, music would be bumping, and most importantly cameras be rolling. Having a crowd of 200,000 surrounding you with some of the most famous artists was such a cool adventure. And I CAN WATCH IT ALL AGAIN.

That’s the beauty of vlogging for me. Forget about having a personal brand, being famous, or making money. Anyone can document what occurs in their life and edit it to their liking and reflect on all those good times. Or perhaps even be a huge star with such assets like @caseynessiat, @garyvaynerchuk, and many other entrepreneurs who are documenting their adventures, jobs, etc. and posting it for other people to watch. Not everyone will be into everything you’re doing. But if you can make one video that appeals to each and every person in the world, that would be an accomplishment in its self.

There are negative things for me too with vlogging. One of my big issues is I’m a perfectionist along with being a procrastinator. So sometimes its very hard for me to come up with ideas to film and document when I’m motivated so I feel stuck, or I tell myself I’m going to do it but I “stay busy” doing other things of which are important but take me away from documenting my life. Having a camera man would be nice, but that wouldn’t be for a looooong time! So as hard as I try to improve on my skill when it comes to documenting and recording what is going on along with school, entrepreneurship, marketing, self-help, fitness, and so forth. I know I need to be a lot more patient with myself and trust the process. Because if this is something that is truly cut out for me, all the right things will fall in place with the proper goals, visualization, and good habits. Which are things that I’ll be explaining in some of my other content. Thank you guys for reading. Much love! — Duke E. Large(Founder of Moby Dook Inc.)