GitKraken — How to use GitFlow and cleanup your history well

Hello, recently I’ve been doing some new feature on my personal project. And GitKraken already has a built-in feature to allow us using this 3 branch easier:

  • Features
  • Release
  • Hotfix

With GitFlow you can manage your own history, if you collaborate with someone else out there. GitFlow will helps you cleanup your messy commit history, so others doesn’t have to confused.

Let’s begin

  • Open your preferences
  • Go to Git Flow
  • You can use the default recommendation “prefixes”
  • Update it
  • Now you can see Git Flow menu on the left corner
  • Click the right arrow >
  • There’s two section Start and Finish
  • Like always, if you want to add new feature. Choose Start
  • Name your feature branch with default prefixes like this:
  • features/login-validation
  • You can choose wheter to Start the new features on “latest develop branch” or “current branch you working on”