Unity — Simple multiplayer with SpatialOS Part 1

A brief introduction of prototyping multiplayer games

SpatialOS isn’t Game Engine, but it is 3rd-party tools that has integration to Unity, Unreal, etc.

Let’s consider a few things in this tutorial I cited “a lot” from its official sites here xD:

  1. Configure SpatialOS account and client
  2. Your game now in the cloud
  3. Exploring is never been easy
  4. A little bit code of how the game run and its feature
  5. Other tools to try

Set up SpatialOS

You must sign up for SpatialOS, it is free!!! And it’s right here:
Install spatial command-line

Windows version

  1. Install the Chocolatey package manager. If you familiar on Unix environment, Chocolatey will save you a lot of time
  2. Open a terminal window, and run choco install spatial --version 1.1.6 --yes.

Mac *my environtment of choice

  1. Install the Homebrew package manager.
  2. Open a terminal window, and run brew tap caskroom/cask && brew update && brew cask install spatial.
Check for spatial installation
  1. In your terminal, try running this command spatial update --force.
  2. See the following output
Don’t mind about number things here, it is just a version.

Game on the cloud

Download example project source code

You must first download this project to get started.

Deploy the game project to the cloud

To deploy is simple as running this command spatial upload

Thanks to the SpatialOS team, they already provide the project and how to get started so simple.

  • Go to your SpatialOS console and check for this random name on your dashboard, copy it!
  • Navigate to your terminal
  • Copy-paste this command and don’t forget to replace your project name:
spatial cloud launch wizards_demo_assembly default_launch.json wizards_demo --snapshot=snapshots/default.snapshot --project_name=insert_your_project_name_here
  • Brace yourself, you might came across a lot of console output. Hopefully it’ll shows you Successfully created deployment

Exploring the game

Start a game client
  • SpatialOS game launcher
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