What’s new to GitKraken 1.5.1.

My personal preferred Git Client ❤

If you still wondering what is “Git” actually, you can prefer to my articles here

They’ve release the new version 1.5.1 and also a GitKraken Pro ;D. It’s okay, GitKraken still free to use though, nevertheless of any features discarded from it ;)

Here’s what I love about it, new features is included also:

  • It’s lightweight, better than any Git Client so far. (e.g: S*urcetree)
  • I love it’s simple UI
  • Support directly modify / rename git commit.
  • Drag & drop to merge, rebase, reset, push and more
  • Resizable, easy-to-understand commit graph
  • View image diffs in app
  • Easily clone, add remotes, and open pull requests in app
  • One profile with multiple project
  • Finally, it support Tree View XD

GitKraken Pro is consist of following features:

  • Built-in merge tool, for those doesn’t want to change between app :D
  • Multiple profile (Such as: Work or Personal projects)

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