“No” is a rough word to say. It’s hard to say it to strangers, so imagine how hard it is to say to your manager or a client. Let’s contemplate why is important to let loose this two-letter word.


Last year we had a project for a big health care system based in Phoenix, Arizona. They wanted to perform evaluations on their staff. This project was the biggest single sale of all time in the company I work for. It involved a big six figure number.

The main goal of the project was to perform yearly performance evaluations. And they…

Recently we had the necessity to start testing our iOS application with integration tests, more known as “end-to-end” tests. So we came with a simple yet beautiful approach.


Over the past 11 years we’ve been crafting a majestic Ruby on Rails monolith that serve our purposes. It goes from handling web requests to mobile API requests. A monolith that has an extensive test suite that uses rspec with capybara to perform integration tests. It took all this time to code not only this monolith, but also this testing framework that allows us to sleep well at night.

On the other…

When reading a story from someone that has been writing for some time, it seems easy. The story flows. However, the generated perception is something that the writer trained so hard to achieve that you probably didn’t even notice it.

Writing is a skill. Yes, it’s a hard skill that requires lots of training. Writing is not only about grammar, but also about the ability to elaborate content that follows a line of thought. The training most of us had in our early years while going to school or college, was a very basic one. …

Martin Mochetti

Technical lead @ CipherHealth LLC. https://cipherhealth.com/

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