Who we are, what we do, how do we do it

We are a team of iOS engineers and designers passionately focused on bringing amazing ideas to life.

Weather you have an idea at napkin-sketch level or beyond, if you make us believe that what should come out of it will enrich people’s life, we’re all in:

  1. Product Strategy
  2. User Experience
  3. Interface Design
  4. Development
  5. Testing
  6. App Store Submission
  7. Maintenance

Every step of the way we are driven by this belief that all things should be simple to get, simple to use and loveable. Otherwise it just won’t work.

Our apps on the App Store >

Is being built right now

Until then, we’ll post our stories on Medium.

Apps for iPhone and iPad

Simplicity is hard to achieve. Not because of any secret ingredient but mostly because simplicity needs a champion.

Someone who’s willing to stand up for its principles and strong enough to resist the overtures of simplicity’s evil twin, complexity.

As with all successful things coming from Apple, successful iOS apps too seem to have simplicity in their DNA. If you have an idea about an app, you can think of simplicity as a springboard launching your app into people’s hearts.

One of the goals when creating an iOS app is to have people using it, love it. Another one would be to have as many people as possible use it. …


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