today I woke up, just like any other day

but this time it was different

the reason I cannot say, it just is

sounds ridiculous, but I swear it’s like I'm not here

like I don't live, I just exist

I would consider myself someone in a good headspace

so I’m not too worried when this occurs

but it does baffle me how little joy I feel

how unstimulated I am by things I find beautiful

how emotionally drained I am when it’s

one of the those days

I guess I’ll try again tomorrow



I saw you yesterday

and the day before that

I haven’t stopped seeing you for a while now

we talked yesterday

and the day before that

sharing laughs and priceless memories

but today I had to say goodbye

and before I could even comprehend the idea of your absence

you were gone

nothing has changed, really

I am still me

and you, you

chances are also there that I will see you again

like the sun setting, only for it to rise again

it has to rise again

so why do I feel like you’re gone forever?



Moncho Galarza

honestly, this is now my new journal. I’m just trying to be fancy with it.