Dear Diary 05/01/17: Hell Week Day #1


6:55a Woke up naturally to birds a-chirping (it sounds idyllic, but it gets a bit annoying after Bird Alarm Day #46) and sun coming through my blinds. Passed out like a rock last night for almost 8 full hours of sleep. Good start to the day.

7:00a Weighed-in at 162.8lbs — must still be dehydrated from yesterday’s run. Thirty-second cold shower to wake-up the body. Tendons behind right knee are a bit tight, legs feeling the weekend’s back-to-back long runs (23mi on Sat, 17.5mi on Sun).

7:15a Breakfast! Coffee, 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 egg added to oatmeal as it was simmering, cinnamon, sprinkle of Maldon sea salt, and a banana with peanut butter on the side. (I’ll take a pic of my breakfast concoction tomorrow!)

8:30a Still hungry. And sleepy. Slice of toast with peanut butter. And another cup of coffee.

9:00a Began Silicon Valley episode. Do I need a third coffee?

9:45a Found my momentum to begin my run! 5-minute core, stretching, rolling and then out the door by 10:30a. Let’s go!

giphy 2

10:45a Finally out the door. Wouldn’t have survived without the entire family of GU products to stay fueled. Do you GU?

Did I mention you can train like the pros with GU Energy?

10:45a-2:00p 20 mile run (Strava) in 2hrs 47mins (8:22/mi pace). Took less than a mile to start having doubts about Hell Week. Super hot (89 degrees!), SUN-ny and legs especially fatigued. But if this was easy everyone would do it, right? Reset pace expectations, hiked when I needed to hike, ‘gramed when I needed to ‘gram, and focused on relaxing in the heat. As much as I hate the heat, it was perfect prep for States conditions.


View on my run…Meh.

2:00p DEHYDRATED. Finished my 1.5L bladder at the 2.5 hour mark and went without fluids for the last 20ish mins. Took 2 salt tablets at 90 mins and 135 mins, which helped (need to remember tablets on these hot days). Scale read 159lbs when I got home, which means I lost more than 3lbs on the run. Normally that would be exciting (I’m getting skin-neh!), but I know this means I’m under-hydrated. Hydration and recovery will be the focus for the rest of the day.

2:30p Pancakes (obviously). Chocolate protein powder + 1 egg added to my standard Kodiak Cakes mix to assist in the recovery.

3:00p Called the parentals. Happy 41st Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Can’t imagine maintaining a relationship for 41 days, let alone 41 years! Probably helps having amazing sons…

3:30p Costco! Decided to treat myself with a big shopping spree. Free samples were ON POINT (I desparately needed the extra calories). Most excited to consume: tri-tip steak (5lbs!), ALL of the guacamole, Rotisserie Chicken Florentine Stromboli (new product!), and chicken flautas (front-runner for Cinco de Mayo snacking).

4:15p Chatted about Cinco de Mayo with the Costco cashier at checkout. He asked me when it was this year. I told him I thought it was May 5th.


Free sample of the day! Glad Kirkland didn’t call them “Goldducks”.

6:00p TIRED. Probably too late for a nap, so I guess we’re going to have to power through it (6pm might be a tad early for bedtime, even for me). Commence tri-tip preparations.

6:10p Maybe a quick nap wouldn’t hurt. Shut-eye for

7:00p Tri-tip and spinach salad (with bacon, egg, cheese, onions, and tomatoes!). Steak makes me happy.

8:00p Legs are trashed. Hoping some rolling and stretching before bed will help. Shutting down the laptop for the evening, so we’ll see you tomorrow. Big focus for Tuesday: getting through my massive hill workout — 6 x 10' hill (route)! Big focus for tonight: staying up long enough to watch last night’s episode of Veep!

giphy (1)

See you in the morning!

Originally published at The Mocko Show.

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