How Magic Leap works — a small observation

I felt in love with the possibility of the computer vision during my graduate course so I kept a close eye on the AR, VR field for a while.

Recently, Magic Leap raised a large round of investment, and I believe they are heading to the right direction after reading KPCB’s blog, with comment:

The product is amazing, even at this stage. I’ve been around technology for decades, and this makes my head spin — in a good way. My eyes tell me that this world is real, not just painted with perspective. I feel motion without my inner ears rebelling

I believe they should have something amazing built.

I happened to know a bit of the knowledge on this field, I sense what they are building is insanely difficult, and can only wish them luck to make it working perfectly.

What I think they are going after is the naked eye 3D holography, and like the one you see in the movie.

But there isn’t any light sculpture in front of you, everything you see only exist on your eye retina.

To support my thought, I would like to mention an existing concept called Virtual retinal display(VRD). You can find it on the Wikipedia or on this site of HITLab(Human Interaction Technology Lab).

The mechanism was developed in 1990s. It can draw a raster display directly onto the retina of the human eye.

In short, they shot light beams on your eye ball.

The was developed by HITLab and funded by National Science Foundation. However, back then it was “expensive and will not, in the foreseeable future, allow us to reach our cost goals for a complete VRD system.”

The display needs to have display with the following characteristics as mentioned by HITLab:

Very small and lightweight, glasses mountable
Large field of view, greater than 120 degrees
High resolution, approaching that of human vision
Full color with better color resolution than standard displays
Brightness sufficient for outdoor use
Very low power consumption
True stereo display with depth modulation
Capable of fully inclusive or see through display modes

I guess some roadblocks should be conquered by Magic Leap’s founding team. They shall be able to produce a subtle and low diffraction light and draw graphics on your eyes.

— — will continue tonight.