Imagine If Life Were a Game of Pokemon Go

Imagine If Life Were a Game Pokemon Go.

Imagine instead of going out and catching Pokemon, you went out and caught your dreams. Imagine instead of using Google maps, you would walk using your inner compass scanning the surroundings for hidden gems or clues while the universe sends you small vibrations; be it people, things, déjà vu, impulses, to nudge you in the direction of where your treasure may be.

You would be your own avatar and your eyes the ‘iPhone’ or ‘Android’ (interesting names huh?)

You would customize yourself, not follow trends, but style yourself on what you think is cool… Oh, don’t worry if you change your mind you can always go back and re-customize yourself.

There will be times when you venture out alone looking/working towards that treasure and at other times you will explore with friends, make new connections with others in the neighborhood and the community.

When not chasing you’d hone your skills, like the student at the library, the athlete at the gym, or the artist at the studio. You would see how far you’ve come and look to see what more you have to do and then work until it happens.

You’d face other players at the ‘proverbial gym of life’ and understand that they’re just like you developing compassion and understanding along the way. Most importantly, through all of it, you would evolve, over, and over, and over, again.

Just imagine if life were a game of Pokemon Go.