Actually, Debbie, The Democratic Party Is Anti-Grassroots
Zach Haller

We do deserve better, Zach. We need to take our party back. There are more of us than there are of them. We are underestimating ourselves every day.

The Democratic Party is the party of the people. These neocons don’t own it - we do.

When Bernie says, “When millions of people stand together”, or “Don’t let Trump and his friends divide us up, let’s stand together…” - I believe that means that we should be united in our effort as progressives to take over the Democratic Party again.

That’s what Our Revolution is about - getting people to run for office all over the country, getting new blood back into the party, putting the neocons out of a job.

I’ve been a Democrat through 12 presidential elections and I hate what is happening to my party; but rather than turn and run, I want to fight to get it back.

Citizens United and the Clinton family are largely at fault. We CAN do something about it, but only if we stand together. Splintering has gotten us nowhere. It got us Trump. The Democratic Party can be taken over IF all progressives unite. Otherwise, the effort is just nilly-willy and will never move forward.

“The only viable path for the left is a takeover of the Democratic party.”

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