2.18.2016 MODD Change log

MODD is super excited to release our first beta change log :) Also we be posting this information inside our Discord channel. Please join and chat with the team directly.
Thank you beta team! You guys sent in a lot of changes, bug, and feature ideas. Shoutout to: Kujou_shin, Tdog_clisis, Pinksmurph, Burnttoastj, Hinough and many more for sending notes in. Lots of good changes below.

Hypebox — so we were all set up to launch a gifts section for fans to post gifts into your live broadcast when a 💡 went off. Why don’t we just allow MODD users to post visuals into their stream. Bam! The Hypebox was born and we are excited for you to start interacting. Hint: the Telestrator is next!

TwitchAlerts API— we also add the ability to connect your TwitchAlerts account for donations & overlay Hypebox graphics support.

Stream Key—removed stream key permissions from authentication page. No reason for us to capture it. Note that we never stored this information but the request has been removed from the authentication screen.

Cleaned up events — removed bad urls, small variable changes.

Total Graph Duration — added total time, length to stream graph.

Hypebox Comments — added the ability to visualize when you have made a Hypebox comment on your stream graph.

Dashboard Avatars — fixed bug to display correct avatars with correct user profile urls.

Graph starting point scale adjustment — fixed bug to display a smaller graph total value.

Viewers & Chatters total value — overtime while using MODD your viewers and chatters would become inaccurate.

Viewers and chatters % increase/decrease— fixed that would cause viewers and chatters to become inaccurate overtime.

Hit us up with more changes & feature ideas on our Discord channel!