Game Cards: Guide

STEP 1: Sign into MODD

Sign into MODD and navigate to the “Game Cards” Section.

STEP 2: Copy your Game Card URL

Copy your Game Card unique URL to your clipboard. The URL can be found at the top of the Game Card section.

STEP 3: Add CLR to OBS

Download and Install the CLR plugin for OBS. This will allow you to serve the Game Cards transparently on top of your broadcast.

STEP 4: Enter your Game Card URL into the CLR plugin

Enter the Game Card URL copied to your clipboard into the CLR plugin and set the width and height of your Game Card Overlay to 250x242. You can position the Game Card anywhere you would like on your stream.

STEP 5: Give the “MODDBOTO” mod access

The final step is to allow “MODDBOTO” to become a mod of your channel. This will allow your viewers to be able to interact with Game Card commands in your channels chat.

You are all set! Game Cards will begin rotating throughout your broadcast. For payment questions please email

Game Card Support

If you have any questions connect with us on Discord!

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