The next Tonight Show

MODD is developing tools that give streamers the power to create the next Tonight Show

Streamers are in a unique position to reimagine live performance art. Classics before Twitch like The Tonight Show, SNL, Regis & Kelly and The Big Bang Theory made us fall in love with the spontaneity of each live performer.

MODD provides the ability to monitor, analyze, and direct your stream from your very first follower to your millionth. Think of all the people and technology it takes to create a single live broadcast of The Today Show, we are harnessing that power into a single device.

We are truly making live entertainment history.

Beta Kappa

MODD is on the hunt to find streaming talent that will transform the next decade of entertainment. If you stream on Twitch, Afreeca, Hitbox, YouTube, or Azubu and have over 100 concurrent users per broadcast please sign up for our beta program.

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