Frozen Synapse Legacy Tournament and Map Making Competition

Greetings, Tacticians.

Frozen Synapse 2 continues apace: however, as it’ll be a little while before it comes out, we thought we would organise a tournament for the original game.

Winners of this tournament will be invited to the exclusive closed multiplayer beta of FS2.

However, before the tournament kicks off, we want to give you the chance to design a Frozen Synapse 1 map that will be used in the elimination round.

Prize: The winner of the map contest will receive a Frozen Synapse 2 Beta Key
Contest Period: Map designs can be submitted until the end of October

Entry Submission Rules

Submission Formats & Procedure:

  1. Photo/Screenshot of a drawn map that we will create in-game for the tournament (or a FS map file in *.enc format with a screenshot of the full map)
  2. Only new map creations/ideas are allowed. Old maps will be disqualified
  3. Post your submission here in the thread, you can enter with as many map designs as you like
  4. A number of submitted designs will be chosen by us and you can vote for the final winner
  5. Post your submission here

As we want everyone to have the chance to participate, you can submit real/digital drawings of the map design instead of creating them with the editor.

If you do want to tinker with the in-game editor, however, you can find a very helpful overview here.

General map design:

  1. Rounded walls will always look jagged, its easier to work with rectangles
  2. The standard map size is 1024x768, but you can stretch that if you have a good map design idea
  3. The map needs to be symmetrical to allow for identical starting positions
  4. Walls can be full-height or half-height — use different colours to denote this

For more info on the upcoming tournament make sure to follow our announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Steam or the Mode 7 Forums.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here and a team member or Toma (helping out with the organization of the tournament) will answer them. 
We are looking forward to your interesting map ideas!