Dry cleaning your custom suit? Don’t do it. Consider dry cleaning your suit only as a last resort. When it comes to dry cleaning your clothes, the high drying temperatures and chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process can directly damage your suit or slowly decrease their lifespan. At most take your suit to the dry cleaner once a year. If your suit is not visibly dirty and just needs to be freshened up, ask them to steam press it only. If your suit gets soiled try to spot treat the area rather than cleaning the entire suit. Consider laundering your suit a last resort. If your suit has wrinkled try hanging it in the bathroom while running a hot, steamy shower. If that doesn’t do the trick try ironing the suit very carefully with the iron on a mid-heat (Use the wool setting, if available) and place a damp towel between the iron and the suit. This will help avoid the terrible problem of burning the finest fabric and making it shiny. Better yet, don’t take any chances. For suits or other un-washables, try blotting with the substance, then use a sponge to absorb any residual moisture. For tough stains on clothes you can’t wash, the dry cleaner may be your only recourse.

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