Introducing Adventuron

About Text Adventure Games

Rite of the Druid by Paul Weller
Adventureland by Scott Adams — Text Only Version
Treasures of Hollowhill by John Blythe

Create / Play

The Quill (Use Manual)

How to create an adventure.

  1. Study the tutorial adventure.
  2. Press Ctrl+A on the tutorial adventure. This will select all text.
  3. Press the backspace or DEL key on the keyboard(to wipe out all text).
  4. Press Ctrl + Space in the empty space to make template blank adventure game.
  5. Create locations, objects, and event handlers for your adventure.
  6. Iterate, and use the embedded documentation.

More Features

  • Customisable Parser Delay — Nowadays computers are hundreds if not thousands of times faster than computers in the 80s, so the moment that a text command is submitted, the reponse can be executed — even when running through the treacle of web apis. This feels wrong. This feels so wrong. We are used to a delay in response to commands. Adventuron parses text quickly, but not instantly. A few hundred milliseconds delay can fool you into feeling that the computer is considering your command rather than reading your mind.
  • Bitmap (blocky) fonts — Adventuron ships with pixelated fonts. The default “Ponderosa” is an excellent 8-bit font that would feel at home on 8-bit games. “Rustic” was plotted pixel by pixel based on a font created by John Wilson in 1985 (and used with his permission). Adventuron supports any font that a browser will support, and there will be games that go for the modern look and feel, but by default Adventuron strives to feel like it is running on an 8-bit micro. Note : Many classic fonts do not work with Adventuron by default for copyright reasons. You must manually install on your own computer.
(Left: Amstrad Theme, Middle: Pixellari, Right: Acorn)
  • Realistic Aspect Ratio — These days almost all monitors are widescreen aspect ratios (16:9, 16:10). Adventuron limits its aspect ratio to 4:3 and adds borders at the side. This makes Adventuron feel more authentic and also makes text far more readable.
  • Blip blips — Adventure games in the mid 1980s often including small beeps when the player pressed a key. Adventuron by default adopts this approach (configurable).
  • Pixelated graphics — Adventuron supports PNG and GIF graphics in the pixelated style. It also supports animated GIFs. Game authors are encouraged to keep images to less than 12 kilobytes in size. Most 8-bit images will be in the range of 2K to 6K.
  • Borders — Adventuron supports custom layouts. Tiles can be placed between different sections to create a unique feel.
  • Text Colour / Themes — Adventuron supports text colour styling (as the QUILL and the PAW did before) so that adventure games can feel distinct and can draw attention to particular text in interesting ways.
Text Colouring


Let People Know


  • Adventuron editor/player is here (UI is not yet optimized for mobile).
  • Documentation is available here.



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