Real education in India

According to Economic Times, 80% of Indian youth are unemployed. 5% of engineers are getting the job, 9% of the medical students and only 1% of electronics students are able to get the job. According to a statistics, only 250 people are able to get the job per day.

It is not student fault that they are not able to cope up with their studies. If we talk about Bachelor of Science Computer in Information Technology (BSC IT) students then their syllabus is outdated which does not come close to the latest technology. In few years we saw Machine learning, Crypto currency and in languages Go, Python are so recognised and widely used. Google migrate from C++ to Go years ago. But still, in 3 years of degree life, students will not see such things in action. If we want India to progress then our Education system should be designed which suffice the requirements of our current industry needs. People say day by day there is no job security in IT sector and I say yes there is no security for those who are just warming chairs and not interested to keep pace with technological advancement.

An advice for those who really want to do something great then detach yourself from this system and graduate from it thinking to get the degree and treat it as a piece of paper which is not recognized as a symbol of knowledge. Focus yourself in productive work, know your skills and start your journey towards a goal which is very difficult to achieve. Salary should not be kept as a primary focus but it should be kept as your very important necessity and should not become an obstacle to your goal. Make yourself goal oriented.

Thank you for reading this article hope you learn from it, share with others and understand the consequences where we are heading if the education system remains the same.

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