Thank you for your honest critique Mike.
Niklas Göke

Ok, I’ll plead guilty to committing ham-fisted humor and unsubtle satire. If my reply came off as suggesting that everyone who goes to the gym does it for narcissistic indulgence, then I apologize to all concerned.

But I have wondered for some time now why people are willing to work so hard to maintain their physical condition and yet seem equally willing to neglect their mental and intellectual condition. Mental fitness is unavoidably demonstrated in multiple ways every day.

Medium readers are already self-selecting as people who care about maintaining their mind. I assumed that a large fraction of Medium readers fundamentally make their living with their brain, not brawn.

My intent, therefore, was an analogy that would convince a Medium reader to spend a fraction of a monthly gym membership on a monthly membership at the Medium mental gymnasium.

Again, if I have offended with form, I apologize. If the counter-assertion is that such a use of funds has not been shown worthy, or that the premise of “taking one’s mind to the mental gym” is faulty, or some other matter of perspective, then we do indeed have a conversation.