How To Set Up Your Mac For Focused Work
Niklas Goeke

One of my big gripes is that the App Launcher thing that appears by default in the Dock is really useless. I have not been able to figure out how to get it to sort the Apps by name! It seems to keep them in the order they were installed — most recent last. For years I have kept a minimized Finder window of the Applications directory in Dock so a click to get the window and another click and I’m off, maybe with a quick scroll before the second click. What I’d really like is an alphabetized list headed with a most-recently-used cache of the top 5 apps. Again, keep it parked in the “active”part of the Dock.

Another complaint is the the Notification mechanism has gotten far too helpful. Too many things behave as if I should care about them by default. Having to fiddle with Notifications on everything is really annoying. This is another example of a good idea improved to death. It’s like a teenage pool party that has gotten outa hand. And more knobs to adjust ain’t the answer.

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