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Among several online physics courses in the market, this particular popular site is filled with classy3D Animation videos. Exciting background scenes and attractive colours provide a total viewing experience which is not found in a typical physics classroom. Therefore, it is a brand new online physics classroom tutorial that helps solve your doubts and questions in a superior way, in the comfort of your home.

Designed by engineers, the physicsmodels site is physics tutorial that can be best explained by a small example. Let me show you a physics tutorial video snapshot below. It shows the Moon and thereafter explains the physics concepts like gravitational pull etc. The close-up view of craters on the moon is brilliant and eye-catching. This is the importance of www.physicsmodels.in as a superior physics classroom tutorial and online physics course.

The famous proverb, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very much applicable to physics. The online physics course contains more than 200 high-quality physics tutorial videos which helpin easy, better, and fast understanding of concepts and equations for students. It may be quite difficult to understand physics concepts from a typical textbook or online tutorial course, but physicsmodels.in makes it so much attractive, easier and faster to understand. In the specially designed physics classroom tutorial videos and pictures in www.physicsmodels.in, the concepts come to life really fast.

In this online physics course, even a beginner student in Class 9 itself may be able to grasp physicsquickly. Students save their energy and many hours of precious time, which they can spend for covering the whole course in half the time.

Remembering concepts: — It is commonly known that while students may understand concepts while reading a textbook, the problem is how to remember them later. By taking such online physics classroom tutorial from the beginning itself, it will be very useful at the time of exam to remember the images, videos, explanations, equations, without very strenuous revision. That’s where www.physicsmodels.in comes in to help.

Every videowith 3D Animations and 3D images is specially designed andseveral students have vouched that these make a lasting visual impression on the mind of the readers. This makes it possible torecall the concepts and equations in an exam with least amount of effort.

Minimizing stress and effort is the aim and achievement of physics tutorial videos.

The unique feature of this physics classroom tutorial is the high quality and brilliant clarity of 3D pictures in physicsmodels For example, how can one forget the above image of the moon with all it craters?

Such tutorial videos make things easy to keep physics chapters in mind for a long time as compared to standard ways of learning physics.

Everyone is looking to understand concepts quickly and easily. Nobody has time and energy to read only one chapter for hours and hours with many doubts and questions regarding the concepts. It can be very frustrating to try to understand what is written, when it is not explained clearly and logically.

It is needed to have a top-class tutorial to understand the concept physically, and then apply equations. After going through www.physicsmodels.in , it becomes easier to apply theory in solved problems.

As the creator of this attractive and easy-to-read online course, I am proud to say that thousands of students love the experience of learning physics with 3D Models and 3D Animations. The word “model” here refers to digital computer generated models. The feeling it gives to a student is somewhat like standing in a Physics Laboratory and seeingan experiment. Each video is compacted, with accurate and scientific statements in an informal style of communication. That helps listen to the videos and saves a lot of student’s time and energy.

Remembering equations:

The next important thing is to learn the equations, and also how they are derived. The derivation of an equation is not so simple. It needs heavy basics, and a strong mastery of concepts and a gradual step by step way to reach the final equation. It may look easy when we are looking at a textbook page, but it may be very difficult to reproduce the same steps after some time. That’s one of the main challenges with physics teaching and physics learning. Every step must be taught in a crystal clear way without ambiguity and with logic that convinces the student.

The www.physicsmodels.in offers videos combining brilliant clarity in 2D slides. The 2D slides are a must to see the equations. In this online physics course, several physicstutorial Videos with voice explanations take a student through, in a step-by-step manner.

An example 2D slide is shown below:-

The top-class clear explanations with colour combinations are the crux of superior learning method. The physics classroom tutorial videos with voice explanationsare designed for readers to understand how the equation is derived. .

This online physics course offers a whole gamut of physicstutorial videos covering chapters for Class X to XII.

For a physical classroom, the best is to have access to the best teachers. But this is not possible in every place. The alternate option is to listen to physics classroom tutorial videos by logging into www.physicsmodels.in. Open the mobile or desktop, relax, sit back, and listen and see Videos. Pause the videos, replay them, and even take down notes at any time.

Students worldwide are finding this website extremely useful and unique as a self-learning online course tutorial for high school courses. The names and sequence of chapters iskeptsimilar to school textbooks to help students. An example image is given below of how the various chapters are arranged in this easy-to-navigate online physics course:

Maths starters: The 1st chapter — Maths Starters that you can see above is important as it helps students to be comfortable with physics chapters that come later, and which may use Differential equations, Integration, complex graphs and so on. This online maths course is really attractive, there are lots of videos having 3D Images, 3D Animations, and an extremely simple and logical explanation to students what exactly is Differentiation and Integration.

Physics tutorial chapters: There are total 47 chapters to cover a large syllabus and cater to curriculum of Indian Class X to XII for Indian ICSE, CBSE, as well as topics required in US and overseas curricula. The physics classroom tutorial videos are also useful for competitive examinations like IIT JEE, AIEEE.

Self-Evaluation: Students can alsodo self-evaluationby going through solved problems at the end of each chapter. (More videos are being added for solved problems).

Solved problems: This online physics course includes solved problems to help in mastering the theory concepts. Solved problemsare important to increase our understanding of physics concepts. One should first learn theory, and then go to solved problems, and many times one can again come back to theory to re-understand the concept better. This loop is good and important for students.

Self-evaluation test questions: Test questions /quiz are added to a few of the chapters — placed at the end of each course. Any test can be attempted 10 times. This will give a stronger revision of concepts, and high confidence. The marks scored arekept private for each student by software. (Others cannot see)

More tests are being designed and would be added to further chapters in future in a phased manner.

Examples mentioned in this paper,are examples (please visit the online course and video tutorialsfor more details):- Motion along aplane, Motion on an Inclined plane, Inertial and Non-Inertial Frames of Reference, Gravitation, Earth moving around the Sun, Friction, Inclined Plane, Torsional Vibration, Pascal’s Law, Hydraulic Lift, Archimedes principle, Thermal Conductivity, Magnetism, Magnetic Field around a current carrying wire, Electric Field, Capacitors, Van De Graff Generator, Biot-Savart Law, Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday’s Laws, Transformer, DC Motor, AC Generator, Wave Motion, Sound, Beats, Open and Closed Column Vibrations, Mirage Effect , Prism and Refraction, Young’s Slit Experiment, Light Diffraction, Relativity.

Quality above Quantity:

At www.physicsmodels.in , we believe that Quality of explanation is more important than Quantity or length of explanation for many pages. The physicsvideo tutorial duration has been kept just right, around 3 to 5 minutes on an average, to capture student’s attention. Students usually first see physicstutorialvideos, then go through solved problemsphysics videos as a second step.

The high quality physics tutorial videos experience in this online physics course leaves a lasting impression in the students’ mind. That’s a key differentiator ofwww.physismodels.in, as compared to many other physics classroom tutorials. Students can learn all the concepts deeply and gain confidence of the subject in a practical way.

I am confident that students in India as well as all over the world will benefit greatly from this online physics course and physics classroom tutorials.

Thank you.

Kaustubhan Srivathsan

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www.physicsmodels.in is a new and fresh physics tutorial site for self-learning using latest technology for visualization. The purpose is to make physics easy and interesting to go through. This is enabled by more than 200 high-end 3D Models and 3D Animation clips , and videos explaining the concepts and solved problems . 47 major chapters of physics syllabus overlapping Indian ICSE and CBSE Currculum would help students become very confident in concepts, and do further study for entrance exams. Thus, physicsmodels.in is a comprehensive package with major topics found in one location . The whole package is designed to give a whole new experience to students in e-learning. The brand physicsmodels.in, makes physics learning to be Easy , Faster, and Better.

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