My Life As Alan Trudeau


Alan Joseph Trudeau is an accomplished actor, model, photographer, animation designer, and talent agent. He has over 21 years of experience in his industry, both as a talent and as a guide for those trying to break into the business. He has appeared in a multitude of Hollywood productions, including “The Rums Diary” with Johnny Depp, “The Losers” with Chris Evans, NBC “Crossbones” with John Malkovich, “Our Brand Is Crisis” with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney, “Men Who Stare At Goats” with George Clooney, and many more. Alan has also had a prolific modeling career, working on many commercials and TV series, and holds hundreds of ad campaigns for print work.

Originally from Rhode Island, Alan began performing at age five. He recognized his passion for the art immediately: getting on stage made him feel like a complete person. He chose to follow his passion, and began taking acting classes in Boston at the age of 15. He would borrow a car from a friend or relative, and drive to the city to train. From there, Alan became involved in modeling: this work allowed him to enter the industry, which has guided him throughout his life.

His path was not without difficulties. Throughout his career, Alan came to realize that the majority of people or agencies in the industry are disingenuous. In order to find real advice, a true role model or a meaningful job, one must sift through a multitude of falseness and obstacles, and always remain motivated. Getting by in the industry is a financial, mental, and emotional struggle. The art itself, and the joy of performing, gave him the drive to continue pursuing his career. Having talent and passion to share with others was fulfillment enough.

Alan has also made a career out of advising others though this difficult process. His experience with the hardships and struggles of the industry has empowered him to help others, and to make their path to success less tenuous. His primary piece of advice is to remain on the lookout for what is real and what is not: artists must always take others’ words with a grain of salt, and not automatically believe what they are told. Each and every casting agent and audition is potentially fictitious: before going to an audition, it is important to research the company and people involved. Every artist should aim to discover whether the client is genuine, and to be aware of the potential for a false front.

Despite these challenges, Alan never wavered in his passion, and want to preserve others’ devotion to the art. His role as a bilingual model/actor/photographer completes him, and he would never change his path. Out of his five brothers and sisters, he was the only one with a passion for performing arts, and that dedication drove him to success. God gave him the gifts of talent and performance, and he is devoted to developing them for the remainder of his career.