Financial Modeling Using MS Excel Spreadsheet Templates

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling is a specific skill in the field of Finance. This is concerned with planning and execution of finance flow in a business. It is development and implementation of a system taking into account decision making process involving various individual decisions that affect financial and economic process of a business. It makes a great impact in finalizing cost, systematic management of finance operations according to various needs, in depth analysis of finances during stages of business and many more aspects of finance in a business.

This is one of the most preferred skills for advancement of careers in finance in the modern day corporate environment. In fact this the most desired talent requirement for recruitment now.

Ideal professionals in this domain are required to create analytical finance reports incorporating decisions, solutions and their after effects on finances using specialized software applications. These analyses are generally known as financial models. To be well versed with practices in the industry to create these financial models, basic and advanced knowledge of MS Excel would be an added advantages for individuals who look forward for a career in this field.

Use of MS Excel in Financial Modeling:

Most of the textbooks on finance heavily rely on the use of hand calculators. As finance consists of complex calculations almost at every stage, tools such as Microsoft Excel need to be encouraged. Usually, most of us know only the basics of Excel such as generating a Spreadsheet Template, basic arithmetic calculations used to create accounting reports and inclusion of basic formulae in such calculations. However generally we are unaware of the treasure that Excel provides us for making complex calculations for creating financial models from a scratch. Building a Financial Model becomes much easier by enhancement of practical knowledge in MS Excel.

In the tedious process of analyzing finances where complex computation is involved almost in every stage to create a comprehensive financial model, Financial Projections Template Excel would provide as a schematic guideline to make identical reports time to time in a systematic manner.

As a pleasant surprise for most of the people involved in making complex financial models in daily use for various financial reports required in many industries, basic financial model templates and Excel specific formats are available online. These templates can be downloaded from various companies offering online support for financial modeling templates.

These industry specific financial model templates, financial projection and forecasting model templates are easy to use and Excel specific. Thus they are suitable to the systems used by many industries where professionals use MS Excel as a tool to make financial models. These templates are made by expert freelancers who are experienced in the particular domain and possess relevant qualifications as well.

These ready to use templates and use cases would surely save time for professionals who need a lot of patience to create financial models which is indeed a lengthy and time consuming process.

Thus the process of building financial models would become much easier, efficient and fast by use of various MS Excel based templates available online.

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