I am all for looking at the data, and when you look at the best available sexual assault data, you…
Mark Henricks

“And why isn’t this authoritative, objective data more widely reported?”

I think her answer to that can be found in the way her article goes from seemingly balanced and sincere at the open, to painfully misinterpreting a famous feminist writer she claims to read, and finally, the way she seemingly stopped reading the doctor’s words right before he stated: “no single indicator is ever really good”, then twisting his words into “movies with sexual violence are causing many men to become sexually aggressive and every women should be scared for her safety.”

One really has to wonder why she chose to paste that nonsensically long quote in all its glory in the first place, especially when the second half of it finds the doctor contemplating that consent might not be as black and white as people like Kate would have everyone believe. Maybe she just thought a long source quote gave her credibility, kind of like telling people to “brush up on bell hooks” when she hasn’t bothered reading them herself?

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