You Wanna Compare Rape Culture to Racism? Okay, Let’s Do That!
Zaron Burnett III

“They thought Yoko’s inflammatory phrase would call attention to the treatment of women. […] No longer could John and Yoko focus the world’s attention on the mistreatment women faced.”

Of course, the immediate (if not clichéd by today’s standards) irony is that Lennon has called upon the world’s gaze towards the mistreatment of women — and humans in general — through his physical and emotional beatings of more than one woman, topping it off by abandoning his first child and later leaving them with virtually nothing following his death (but not before very publicly announcing his first child was not his “real” son because he wasn’t intentional). What’s worse is Ono’s well-documented, domineering control over Lennon’s philosophy and self directly contradicts the empty statement of her’s/their’s from which your article branches. (But, again, you’d be hard-pressed to find any statement by Lennon, or other former Beatles, that didn’t prove to be self-satisfying and hypocritical.)

They were mostly men, and they felt victimized to even be associated with such an ugly word. To point out the injustice of someone regarding them as a potential rapist […]”

Casually dismissing your critics and their warranted rebuttals is not an argument — much like the bulk of what follows the above excerpt — and it exposes a (major) rhetorical weak point all-at-once rooted in conjecture, projection, deflection, pretense, and denial; rather than discussion and reflection.

The rest of the article’s absurdity speaks for itself in its attempts to qualify even the most paper thin correlation (let alone supplementation) between two socio-political constructs, especially two whose natures’ reach utmost degrees of polarity to say the least.

My only question here now is, if Lennon’s/Ono’s “woman is the nigger” quote rings so true, and Lennon was also a known physically abusive misogynist (and anti-Semite; and homophobe), does that make Lennon, by association of his actions, a racist as well? That notion can’t possibly be any more specious than the title and premise of your article, anyway.