Myra Maimoh is like a flower in full bloom always radiating a sweet contagious essence. You just seem to always find a smile emanating from her mouth and the most inspiring words from her lips but altogether life has never been this picture perfect for her. In fact, Myra as she tells it has gone through a lot of experiences which have helped shape her to the positive person she is today. As they say with life, you can choose to be bitter or you can be better with your experiences and Myra Maimoh certainly chose the latter.

Myra Maimoh was born in Bamenda, the North West Region of Cameroon (in West Central Africa) where she grew up in an average Christian family home with her parents and siblings. With her mother being her greatest musical influence through the records she owned, Myra Maimoh grew up with artists such as Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong. She was also heavily influenced by her Mother’s love for African blues through to Country music, traditional African music to Jazz and pop and it was no surprise that Myra started singing and dancing, while still in preschool at the age of 3.

Myra wrote her first set of songs and stories at the age of 13 and at 15, she joined the Cherubic Queens a girl band with whom she performed and wrote music for 3 years. She later joined another girl group called Crystalz for 3 years. Myra has had an extremely intensive and extensive musical career ranging from singing and dancing which won her many inter-college awards for best performances.

She was crowned Miss Coca Cola 1998 and 2001, every competition she took part in was almost always certain to end with her winning an award for best song, best poem or best performance. From 2001 until 2005, Myra Maimoh was not only a high profile studio vocalist recording in some of the country’s greatest studios for the biggest artists, she was among the most hired doing everything from background vocals, lead vocals to jingles for national and private radio stations.

Myra Maimoh moved to Germany in 2005 where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in International Management. She later moved to the US where she earned another Masters’ degree in Business Administration. Throughout this period, her musical activities consisted of live group performances, lead singing in choirs, solo performances and studio vocalist.

When Myra Maimoh released her debut album “Answer’d Me” in 2010, she was ready to put aside all her negative experiences and to embrace hope. She was ready to inspire her audience to believe in themselves, to come out from their shadow by “sharing her generosity of spirit wrapped up into a perfectly packaged unit.” “This 11-track testament to the sheer joy of Myra’s music is the perfect introduction to a young woman who uniquely combines the passionate music of her African roots with the pop, rock, soul and Jazz sensibilities of the West.” Stated Funk Sanctum Radio.

“Answer’d Me” was number 1 on Dancetaria Phat 50 for 4 weeks staying on the charts for a total of 8 weeks. The album was also declared album of the month twice in Germany, 2 songs from the album featured on the New Christian Music Gospel Euro Charts — “Please Take It Slow” was number 1, 7 times in a row & “I encourage U” number 2 in its first week on the chart. The song “Killing me” came 25th in the 2010 World Song Contest.

Myra Maimoh then took almost 5 years off to live life. During this period, she got married and had 2 children. Through 2015, Myra Maimoh was ready to get back to work and to focus on her music by embarking on her sophomore album Uniq. The album was recorded in the US and sent off to the UK and Cameroon to be perfected and immersed through mastering in the sounds which Myra and her team wanted to offer to her audience,

Uniq incorporates her RnB and African influences. On this 6 tracked album she, brings to the table a plate full of positive inspiration and a cup filled with hope, patience and faith speaking to audiences battling depression, low self-esteem or terminal illnesses as seen in the song Uniq. Encouraging her fans to emerge with power and not to be defined by their status quo as seen in the song Feh Vitavivi but also adding some light entertainment as seen in On Va Danser which has a celebratory upbeat vibe.

You only have to listen to the unforgettable voice of Myra Maimoh to understand why Célia Faussart of Les Nubians stated she was inspired by Myra and also stated “Myra Maimoh, she’s like the Cameroonian Jill Scott, and Franck Biyong.”

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