Pete Curtice is the CEO of American Efficient, a Modern Energy company. Pete has more than 15 years of clean energy sector experience. We were fortunate to catch up with Pete and learn about how his role has evolved, what is so exciting about the clean energy sector now, and how American Efficient can help leading companies become “carbon negative”.

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

How has your role at American Efficient evolved since becoming CEO?

I joined America Efficient about 18 months ago to lead the origination team, which is the group responsible for working with all of our partners’ energy efficiency projects and products across the country — from manufacturers to distributors to retailers. After about a year or so, Modern Energy’s founders, Mark Laabs and Ben Abram, asked me to take on the CEO role at American Efficient, which means of course the origination function, but also overseeing the other core functions markets, R&D, policy and the like. The great news is that we have exceptional leaders in each of those functions. …

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