CEO Outlook: The Future of the Clean Energy Transition

Pete Curtice is the CEO of American Efficient, a Modern Energy company. Pete has more than 15 years of clean energy sector experience. We were fortunate to catch up with Pete and learn about how his role has evolved, what is so exciting about the clean energy sector now, and how American Efficient can help leading companies become “carbon negative”.

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

How has your role at American Efficient evolved since becoming CEO?

Why do you think the clean energy sector is so exciting right now — generally, and also during this moment of recovery for the economy?

At American Efficient, I believe we can have an outsized impact on addressing this challenge.

Calculating American Efficient’s ongoing impact

What do you think is the time frame for the clean energy transition playing out and what do you anticipate is next on the horizon?

There are several corporations, especially in the tech sector, that are looking to be not only carbon neutral but carbon negative in the next several years. How does energy efficiency play a role in that?

Energy efficiency really should play as a supply-side resource alongside any other generating resource. It’s essential to treat any energy efficiency that really is “certifiable” as you would a power plant, because anything we can reduce means it doesn’t need to be produced.

American Efficient is an entity within Modern Energy, the holding company. Can you discuss the relationship of the two companies?

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