My Musicology Press Conference Experience.

My observations and experiences from the Musicology Press Conference at the El Rey Theater in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles, Whilshire Blvd.

It was weird to get up to sunshine and to go see Prince speak at a news conference early in the morning.

I waited outside to find any other fans who weren’t as fortunate to get passes to get in. I let in a fellow fan as my guest.

The El Rey theatre was really nice, very cool, very crisp feeling with a very Prince decor. Lots of industry people and dudes handling the cameras which were set up right in front of a large sound board. I counted 10+ camera’s on one single platform. There must be about that many video tapes of the press conference/performance!

Fans mingled and shuffled around for a spot on the floor. The theatre is actually kind of small, and I felt I had a good view from where ever I would of stood, which was to the right of the stage, I had a great view.

They started playing the Rave Un2 The Year 2000 video, a montage of different parts of the DVD/video and I was puzzled at how they mixed in the 1999 video in there. I thought it was odd, because it was the only other video they mixed in and it was towards the end of the little montage.

Looking at that video on the big screen made me think how cool Prince looked on it! With the long hair, only wished it was filmed rather than video taped, would of added a feel to it. Anyway, the fans/club members were cheering like they/we were in a concert, it was kind of fun! Club members loved it and and towards the end, of course everyone one cheered like crazy! Like at a concert! It really brought the energy up!

THEN suddenly the screen goes up! And its Prince full on with band and its instant mini-concert! I was truly floored when this happened! I was stunned! I totally did not expect it and I tell you the instant I saw Prince smiling and the band playing, it reminded me of the Parade era! His look with the curls and the suit and horns and playing and the lighting! It was great!

I took a snap shot with my digital camera…Musicology was played! Then when the song was over, it was Prince reaching for a stool and the band members making their way off the stage. Then out of excitement, I pulled out my camera again and took another snap shot! THen his main security man pulled me and basically kicked me out. he demanded my wrist band and I told him to take the camera! But he said I was lucky he wasn’t kicking me out of the club! Who knew, I thought cameras — press conference — cameras — and so there I was, outside in the street.

But nothing keeps this cat out! I checked my car, and then walked back to the club with my mind racing and looking for any opportunity or way to get in. Across the street is a Kinko’s. A bulb lit up…I walked over and proceeded to make my self a make shift wrist band out of color (green) paper and correcting tape!

I went back with my “wrist band” and one usher was going to let me in but another said that wrist band was the wrong one. Darn. But he’d contact one of the Club people to check it out…oh shit. I thought the security was going to see me again! So I just walked to the corner ready to make a run for me ride, when I see a club chick with a batch of green wrist band and a clipboard. They point me out but I turn the corner, then suddenly she’s there asking me if I need a band and I said YES! She ran after me! Coool! I then told her I had to check my car, she left and I took off the other one and put on the the authentic one!

I strolled right in when Prince started playing KISS!

NOTHING can keep this cat out!

Then, made my way close to the stage and enjoyed the rest of the show! Fabulous! I had a great view of the stage, left like two rows back! Unforgettable! Loved it!

I didn’t deserve to be kicked out like that. Just take my camera, erase the photos, which weren’t that great anyway, its not like I had a pro camera, which I think is why they do that, because they want the pro camera’s, at least thats one of the reasons I think they do that.

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