This is a guest post by author, Perry Mykleby

I remember it like it was last night. I sat by myself at my parents-in-law’s house during my eldest son’s high-school graduation party, staring catatonically at a custom cake, iced with a picture of four-year-old him, happily standing beside a swimming pool. Four years old, and just like that-boom-he was off to college. Then two years later, his little brother was off to college as well. The regrets arrived as soon as they left: all the things I wish I’d known before they left. …

This article is a guest post by author, Melissa Mendoza

I had the opportunity to ask six fathers, one being my husband, what it has been like being a father during the Corona Virus quarantine. Some had more to say than the others, but each has had a unique experience that they wanted to share. I enjoyed each of their responses, and I hope that you will too.

A Texas Buying Agent and Father of Six

The other evening, my wife and I were talking about the Nation’s enforced Stay Home/Stay Safe quarantine. The quarantine has lasted two months now, and things have become quite interesting across the…

Maybe she left a positive pregnancy test by the sink, just waiting for you to find it as you got out of the shower. Or it could be the red tape, home visits, and paperwork of the adoption process finally aligned at just the right time. It could be that it’s taken years and you’d all but given up hope, or maybe you weren’t really trying at all. Regardless, you’re going to be a father. That alone is reason to celebrate. And whether you’ve already scoured Amazon for every fatherhood book you can find or have opted to simply wing…

The time is rapidly approaching; the larger the bump in her belly grows, the shorter the time becomes. Drink these moments in, because there is nothing comparable to the excitement of expecting parents.

Expecting parents can be tempted to frantically prepare their homes and stress about the smallest details, trying to make everything perfect for their little one. Yet, the secret is, it won’t be perfect and you’re never quite ready, but that’s okay!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at ten things those baby books just don’t tell you.

#1-You Won’t Be Ready

As an expecting parent…

Pregnancy may well be one of the most intense trials humankind must face, even if it’s a joyous occasion which offers hope and fulfillment (and of course challenges) for the years to come.

Yes, we mean an intense trial for dads-to-be, too, and not because they have to “put up” with their pregnant partner. More now than ever, your partner will need your support as an equal in the pregnancy process. She may be the only one of you who is pregnant, but the pregnancy affects both of you.

Before we dive into a list of ways to stand supportively…

If you’re a new father who has stumbled upon this article in desperate search of help, take a deep breath.

Allow yourself a moment to congratulate yourself and your partner on your latest accomplishment. Making it through pregnancy is no small task, and you likely remember (perhaps with some reluctance) the challenges you faced and overcame together throughout those harrowing nine months.

We’ll be frank: starting a family with your partner is going to change the nature of your relationship. However, the change doesn’t have to be a negative one. Instead, the ups and downs of raising a child (or…

If you sit there and ask yourself right now, “am I a good dad?” What would you say?

Would you say most of the time? Would you say maybe? Or would you be unsure?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question, and everyone will have a different opinion on what it means to be a good dad, but there are some concrete ways to tell if you’re on the right track.

As you read the following criteria of a “good dad,” be sure to take a look at yourself and be honest. …

One of the most common challenges for new mothers and fathers is a lack of sleep.

Some people assume fathers don’t struggle with sleep deprivation when dealing with a newborn. In reality, though, if their partner and their baby aren’t sleeping well, they’re likely not sleeping well, either.

Whether you’re a brand new father or are about to become one, you’re likely worried about how you’re going to get enough shut-eye, especially if you have to get up and go to work every morning.

It is possible to get a pretty good night’s sleep even with a newborn. …

Of all the common concerns that men experience when they’re about to become fathers, a fear of the expenses associated with having a baby is usually at the top of the list.

There’s no question about it. Having a baby is expensive. In fact, the average birth — assuming there aren’t any complications during the delivery — costs $10,808. That doesn’t include all the costs that arise after the baby’s born or the costs associated with getting ready for the baby, either.

If you’ve been wondering what kind of expenses you’re going to have to cover when your child enters…

I want to start off with some staggering statistics about fatherhood in America. More than 1 in 4 children live without a father in the home. This number doesn’t always mean, the father is completely absent from the household; it might sometimes mean that he is simply not there enough for his children.

A child without a father in his or her life is:

  • More likely to have behavioral problems
  • More likely to abuse drugs and alcohol
  • …and seven times more likely to become pregnant as a teen

The fact that you’re here tells me you’re not that kind of…

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