a quick introduction


Hi! You may be reading this because you just followed or are thinking about following me on Twitter. You’re probably here because of one or both of these things: music and/or cultural/social critique. Here are some things about my feed since everyone uses Twitter differently:

  1. Sometimes I post a lot. I have a lot of shit on my brain all the time. I try to keep it under control so it’s not too annoying, but sometimes I just wanna share stuff or chat or work through something I’m thinking about. Sometimes there will be long threads.
  2. I try to be careful about history and context in my cultural analysis and I very much kick against reductiveness and buzzwords and self-righteousness. I can be a little bit flip and glib sometimes, always with a thread of self-deprecation. Finding humor in the dystopian absurd is kind of how I get by every day in our modern hellscape. If you know me or get to know me at all, you’ll probably understand or come to understand my voice and where I’m coming from. I only post about social issues that I am personally invested in; I don’t take positions for the sake of ethical posturing. If you find me talking about it, it means something very important to me.
  3. I’m a person, not a brand. Sometimes there are jokes, sometimes there’s serious analysis, sometimes it’s kind of both, sometimes there are links to things I’m listening to, sometimes there are goofy animal pictures, whatever.
  4. I don’t speak for my employer, though I love my job. I try to do tweet roundups of what’s on the Bandcamp Daily that day every day at some point, though sometimes I get busy and don’t remember to.
  5. I try to stay at least as positive as I am negative and share links to work I like as well as work I have critical thoughts about.
  6. I have two cats, Frankie Teardrop and Esme. Esme isn’t as much as of a camera ham so you won’t see her as much. Frankie is ridiculous and he’s also glued to my side when I’m home much of the time; dude follows me around like a dog.
  7. GOTH TALK. Also OLD GROUCHY PUNK TALK. I’m a super omnivorous listener though. It’s a rare genre that I don’t at least have a working knowledge of, though my personal tastes tend toward the harsher and darker in nearly every genre. I guess I don’t know anything about religious music outside of classical.
  8. I’m working on a book about the interplay between underground rock subcultures and the mainstream attempts to market and/or duplicate same so sometimes I might post interesting things I’m learning about along the way.
  9. I don’t follow everyone back — I can’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t think you’re cool or whatever. Most likely I just don’t know you or you aren’t in my immediate social/professional circle. If you would like to get to know me, talk to me!
  10. If you want to contact me about work stuff, please do so via my actual work email: jes@bandcamp.com. Though personal and professional obviously mix heavily for me, I try to keep my Facebook friends only, my Twitter both personal & professional, and my email professional only. Boundaries are good.
  11. I try not to be a dick. Appreciate it when people are not dicks to me.
  12. Perhaps I am yr cup of tea! Perhaps I am not. All good.
  13. I have plenty of friends I disagree with; people will disagree on tactics, ideas, preferences and so forth. If I don’t like something that doesn’t mean I have the definitive opinion on it. As long as we can approach one another respectfully, it’s cool! It doesn’t mean I don’t like you or support you if we disagree.
  14. I don’t fuck with people who come at me in bad faith, ignoring my boundaries or with other sorts of outright disregard for my humanity.