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I was honored to be included among those speaking at the #AbortionSolidarityChi rally yesterday; here are my remarks for those who could not be there. The organizers have put together a toolkit for further action for anyone who would like to get involved in the local fight for reproductive justice, and I encourage you to check that out.

Hi, I’m Jes Skolnik. I’m a writer, editor, and activist. I’m an anarchist and abolitionist whose work includes, but is not confined to, issues of gender-based violence and injustice. …

It’s #DenimDay today, according to Twitter. #DenimDay is, from Peace Over Violence’s #DenimDay website, a “sexual violence prevention and education campaign, [where] we ask community members, elected officials, businesses and students to make a social statement with their fashion statement by wearing jeans on this day as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual violence.”

This derives from a 1999 protest by the women of the Italian parliament to a ruling on sexual violence by the Italian Supreme Court. This protest was also taken up soon after that ruling in solidarity by the California Senate and Assembly; Peace Over Violence is an L.A.-based 501(c)(3) rape crisis center which came out of the and has been involved since the initial Californian solidarity protests. Of note: Peace Over Violence was founded in 1971, making it part of the rape crisis movement, and particularly that explosive moment in the 1970s when many of the rape crisis centers in the U.S. were founded. This movement has obtained an awfully white face since becoming institutionally encoded, but it should never be forgotten that the rape crisis movement, from Sojourner Truth, Ida B. …

less a body than a series of indignities
rounded edges assuring that no matter
what I do, someone will call me “miss,”
or “ma’am”

muscles searing hot
eyes that water at the slightest provocation
stumpy, useless legs
a gnarled and rotted clump of old wires
where a uterus should be

a face like a hacksaw

I had to be charming, you see
I have no other choice

our love will destroy the world
the thing about dysmorphia
is that it makes you acutely aware
of every movement, no matter how granular

which is to say that it is no wonder
that we spent six weeks
measuring the distance between
our unholy…


jes skolnik

noise prince/ss. @bandcamp daily managing editor. gay as in gay, intersex as in intersex. opinions belong to my loud mouth only.

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