Bernie is the Best Ever Return on Investment

I have been donating to the Bernie Sanders campaign regularly for the past few months, and I think it is the best investment that I have made in my life. The traditional business term for the returns you get when you invest in a business is called the Return on Investment. If you invest $10 in a lemonade stand, and your investment yields $100, than you have achieved a very high Return on Investment (ROI).

I think donating to Bernie is the highest Return on Investment I will ever see. The return on this investment is actually stratospheric. I think if everyone understood what Bernie has accomplished so far, and what he is capable of accomplishing, then people would never stop donating.

Every dollar that is donated to Bernie is used to advance the cause of ordinary people who interests are disregarding by our blatantly corrupt political class. Every dollar goes to Bernie’s fight for health care for all, affordable education, saving the environment, reining in Wall Street, and on and on.

Bernie has no other agenda than to help people. Unlike the Clinton’s, Bernie is not interested in building up a network of cronies who mysteriously enrich themselves while they are “fighting” for the “little guy”. Bernie is not fighting to gain power for himself and his family and friends. He is fighting to help ordinary, decent people. He doesn’t spend his free time playing golf with an elite group of millionaires. He doesn’t accept “speaking fees” of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street firms and pretend that they do not expect anything else in return. He didn’t attend Donald Trump’s wedding, because he doesn’t socialize with people like Donald Trump. Bernie has been railing against the greed and immorality of the Donald Trumps of the world for the past forty years.

What Bernie has accomplished so far is to put our corrupt political system front and center in the current election cycle. If Bernie were not talking about the insane levels of corporate greed in our country, no one else would. If Bernie had not be advocating loudly and clearly for months on end for the $15 minimum wage, then there is not a chance that Governor of New York would now be signing into law legislation for a $15 minimum wage. If Bernie were not fighting for universal health care for all, then no other politician would mention it. Bernie is far and away the most honest of farsighted politician of this generation. Bernie is is like moonlight in a bottle. It is something that happens so rarely, that you need to pause and appreciate it while you have it.

This is why I feel happy every time I click that little button and make another donation to Bernie. I am donating for a better future for myself and my world.

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