Bunk Bed Style: Find the Right One for You

In one of our previous articles we talked about materials for bunk beds and available configuration options. You can check it here: (Bunk Beds: Materials and Shapes).

Today we’re going to examine the existing design options to help you orient amid our variety.


The Traditional style is characterized by timeless classical lines and a neat, functional and rather serious look. No unnecessary, purely decorative details allow these beds to fit into the vast majority of interiors.



This style transmits a feeling of old-style hardwood furniture. It has smoother lines and more decoration than the traditional style, and looks quite fancy, yet delicate and aristocratic.



Rustic beds are meant to look “natural” and “woodsy”. The wood used for these beds is often unpainted and treated as little as possible. The wood can be left either in log form or in rough bars and planks, to support the handcrafted, almost DIY mood.



Modern furniture designers worship functionality, practicism and clean lines. If the detail doesn’t have any practical use, it just won’t appear. These beds look a bit “square”, but they are very laconic and also quite universal. They can come in both wood and metal.



It is often hard to describe what a contemporary style is, be it in furniture or in overall design. It is a rather rebelious mood combined with a desire to create novel aesthetics with new materials, often harshly denying the legacy of the past. These beds are normally made in metal.



Industrial style in furniture, in bunk beds in our case, can be described as a combination of contemporary and traditional style. From contemporary style it takes metal roughness and purposefullness, while from the traditional it adoptsclear lines and overall laconicity. Proportions of both styles can vary greatly. From minimalistic “let’s just put these four pipes we found together” options (which also evokes rustic style, with it’s DIY mood), options, this style is a good choice for a modern teenager.



Themed beds are not a completely separate style, but they are worth mentioning. As the name suggests, these beds are built around a specific theme (in this case, a house). The theme can be slightly hinted, as in the first example, or developed with more detail, as in the second one.

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