“Must Have” Local Décor Lighting

Tube Top Table Lamp | Charcoal

I think local décor lighting is ‘must have’ item of every living room and bedroom even if there is a ceiling light and bright illumination.

There are some reasons for having décor lighting fixtures.

First, general illumination cannot capture all the corners of the room space, thus some parts look dark and dull. Décor lighting is a good helper to make accents in the interior or emphasize specially designed parts.

This time I was looking through Pablo Designs collection and found many distinctive items. Let’s consider the most popular categories of décor lighting:

Table lamps look great in the living room (idea that they are only for bedrooms is inaccurate), especially when it comes about lamp with a luxurious or creative shade or lamp foot. Such table lamp may become the main decoration of any living room or bedroom. It may be easily placed on sofa-side table or in the corner of the table. Symmetrically arranged several table lamps are also make a great look. Table lamps from Tube Top collection will look great both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Tube Top collection

Floor-lamps of different designs are the perfect option to get a direct lighting. Sofa corner is the best place for floor-lamps arranging, but there are many other ways. It should be noted that modern floor lamps perfectly provide general lighting in the room and fit well for local area lighting. Searching for this category I found that floor lamps may be so unusual and exciting. Lamps from the Solis Collection are my favorite ones, Cortina collection by the way is also rather interesting.

Cortina collection

Wall lighting is functional due to the fact that it is mounted to the wall and save useful spaces. They are commonly desired lighting fixtures in the bedrooms. The most aesthetically beneficial position for wall lighting in the living room is near the fireplace, TV set or decoration.

Link Wall Mount Lamp

Pendant lighting may be used instead of the traditional ceiling lamps. They are represented in various designs as well as methods of installation. There is a huge variety of pendant lighting with different number of light bulbs and dissector materials.

Cielo Pendant

Mixed lighting transforms any living room into a magnificent glow of lights. It makes sense to use different types of lighting, for example, in addition to the ceiling illumination in the center of the room to place a table lamp on the corner of the table, or use spotlights for wall painting. Various types of illumination may be chosen in one style from the same collection.

And finally, the main purpose of lighting is to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for time spending with all the family members or alone. It can be achieved only by using several lighting fixtures in the best possible combination.

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