Vintage in Modern Home Interior Design

The word Vintage is very popular today. However, most of the people do not definitively understand its semantic meaning. The origin of this word is due to the French. This is how they called the wine, which lay for several decades in cozy wine cellars, characterized by the maturity and perfection of taste. When, in the art of creating interiors, an unusual and very unpretentious trend with full of old things and specific atmosphere appeared, the designers considered that this word would become the best characteristic of the style. Although the interior in the style of vintage and reproduces the situation in the houses of the late XIX — early XX centuries, but there are no strict restrictions in the decorations. In such a room it is possible to meet all the best that has been tested in the usability of centuries, and objects of modern life.

The room, decorated in vintage style, looks stressed out. It brings comfort and a special nostalgic mood. There are always a lot of mature things which each of them can boast of its own history. The very interesting moment here is that, vintage style can be mixed with modern technology. Staying in such a shabby and simultaneously modernized atmosphere generates peace and tranquility that awakes the willing to take a book and get settled wrapped in a soft blanket in a comfortable creaking rocking chair from the experience of times gone by, and plunge into the serene reading of the fascinating novel.

When decorating the interior in the vintage style, wood, ceramics, and forging must be used. All materials used must have patina, that is, be really old or look appropriate. Such a decor will never look harmonious and complete without seemingly very insignificant accessories, which can be ordinary dry flowers or seasonal bouquets. What is special about them? The same elements can be found in the interiors of country and ethnic styles. Indeed, the decoration is common, but in our case it has one characteristic difference. The secret is in the design of the bouquets. They need to be done in contrast, and play not on the color scale, but on the sizes. Along with small flowers in one vase large flowers are placed. And the bouquet should not absolutely look stiff; on the contrary, it should be collected with some carelessness, so that it turned out to be slightly disheveled. Ready bouquets can be put both in metal and in crystal vases.

Decor items used to decorate vintage interiors should carry barely readable inscriptions. This is a characteristic sign of their ancient origin. Such items should be looked for in a swap meet or in special shops.

Probably only the interior in the vintage style can look cozy and harmonious despite the fact that it combines furniture from different eras. Chests and ottomans from the old centuries can perfectly coexist with the closets and, new barely noticeably patinate tables. Small offices, ornate cupboards, chairs and other upholstered furniture, where textiles are combined with wooden inserts. As for the upholstered furniture, it should not just be comfortable, but also convey the luxury of the atmosphere of the past. It does not matter whether it is made of light or dark wood, the main thing is that the tone of its upholstery should be calm. Ideally, the furniture should have clearly visible scratches and scrapes. All these give the atmosphere of an incredible flavor. Furniture should bear the imprint of history.

The lighting in the vintage interior should not be too bright and very warm. It will be great if you make it multilevel. You can use table lamps, floor lamps, imitating candelabrum chandeliers, or in general, candles in candlesticks. Lampshades, if they are on lamps, should be made of fabric, and frames from precious metal.