How are Pergolas Constructed?

When it comes to outdoor space, majority of Melbourne’s home-owners are opting for pergolas. From classic designed to sleek and modern the options are many. Some home-owners have opted to customize the design to suit their liking. Besides making the house look mansion-like, pergola’s have an extremely useful function of helping you put your outdoor area to good use.

For those of you who like to throw parties every once in a while, this is a great option. Just throw in some good lighting sources, comfortable seating and tada you’ve got yourself a party hub!

To the introverts I’d say pergolas are an amazing way to enjoy your favourite activities outside or just soak up the beauty of nature. The variety of roofs available can up the modern feel in the design. Depending on just how much natural light you want or what look you’re opting for, you can play around with the roof design.

If you’ve been browsing through pergola designs and are trying to come to a decision, here are some pointers to keep in mind. These fundamentals are important for any pergola design that has to be constructed. Having them in place ensures the pergola has a good foundation and is well-prepared to be customised and used.

Putting together the design and the plan:

Your pergola is a construction, just like your house. Your residence wouldn’t go into construction without having a well-thought out plan in place. The same goes for your pergola.

Have a fair idea of the design and how it will appear from all the angles. This especially goes for the roof. That should filter out any loopholes.


Don’t compromise on the quality of products during construction, this will help your pergola last longer. Pay attention to facilities like drainage, lighting arrangements if any especially along the roof, how you want the beams and rafters spaced out to aid sturdiness, etc.
Finishing with paint or staining:

For those not opting for a rustic look, don’t forget that paint or a stained look will demand the surface is smooth with sandpaper or dusting of the extra particles for a smooth look.

Setting up the roof:

For the roof there’s 1 rule — decide on the material and have it set up at the time of construction. Get any water-proofing and filling of gaps done right at the start to avoid a steady damage.

I’m sure you opted to have the pergola setup only after much thought and as an investment. I mean, hey, it sure is going to up your property value in the long run.

Ensuring you get it right from scratch is not only wise but also your surety for a sturdy and durable construction. And as always, pay heed to the wise, the ones with experience — the professionals!

They will truly add value to your decision and not just ensure that your investment stands the test of time but also is one that makes you extremely proud!

About the Author:
As head of Modern Solutions, Darren Wallis has given new direction to outdoor designing using fashion-forward outdoor pergolas. Their modern and chic designs offer Melbourne’s homes a chance to up their class. Specially known for their stratco outback pergolas, Modern Solutions has always only yielded happy customers.