How (And When) You Should Hire a Career Coach

We learn about careers from the people around us. The career your parents have has a direct impact on what career you choose.

An example: it seems like an easily-achievable goal to become a doctor if your parents are doctors; however, growing up without an influence in the medical field can make the option seem unreachable.

So, what happens when you dream of doing something different than everyone around you?

This is where a career coach comes in. A great career coach can help you organize your ideas, navigate your options, set tangible goals, and create a plan to move forward.

Without guidance, it can seem almost impossible to navigate a new industry; many people actually give up on life-long dreams before they have even a chance to chase them.

Thousands of career coaches across the web, ready to sell you their services at a moment’s notice. And a great coach can help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. But hiring a career coach is a huge investment, and no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars without a guarantee that it will help them reach their goals.

The best time to hire a career coach is when you have a clear goal you want to achieve, but you need guidance on the best path to reaching it. Find a person who’s already achieved that goal and allow them to coach you through the process.

How do you find someone who can actually help you achieve your dream job? Or mentor you through the process of improving where you may already be in your career?

I have hired dozens of career coaches over the years.

When I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do in my life in college, I hired a career coach to connected me to the mentor who eventually hired me for my first job. When I moved into a new position, I hired a negotiation coach who helped me double my salary. Another coach helped me craft the pitch I used to launch my freelance business, and even now, a well-known startup founder coaches me through the process of raising funding.

This process has made me somewhat of an expert on finding the career coaches who can actually help you reach your goals.

I get emails all of the time from people who need help with their career, and would like me to recommend a coach. I wanted to create a really simple way for people to find great coaches who can help them reach their goals. This is why I am so excited to announce Modern Thrive’s new Coaching Collective.

I spent the past month researching all of the things people in our community are trying to do with their career, and hunting down the coaches that could help them make it happen.

Do you want to start a freelance business? License your artwork? Make more money? Get a children’s book published? We have found the experts who can help you make it happen.

The Modern Thrive Coaching Collective is a group of 8 hand-picked business coaches, outstanding in their field, with tons of experience to help you reach your goals. You can schedule a one-on-one personal coaching session with any of our experts for one flat fee.

Bonus! Book a session with any of our expert coaches now and get a FREE on-demand workshop from Modern Thrive. This offer ends March 17th.

Learn more about The Modern Thrive Coaching Collective and meet our experts here.

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