The Makings of a Born Again Gearhead

I always want all the gear and then, approaching the register with piles in hand, I pause, and realize that just because I “want” the gear, doesn’t mean I “deserve” the gear. This is to say, new hobbies are expensive. So I try to always put the breaks on, and make sure I am really into whatever I’m getting into. I make myself do a thing for a while with the basic gear, with the crap gear. Finally, if I’ve proven myself worthy, if I’m truly committed, I splurge. I tend to go from the cheapest item to the most expensive. When I started tinkering with photography, I had a $100 lens for the first year. Then I bought $6000 worth of lenses and continued to earn the shit out of them. Please, post more on gear. I love learning what works and why. Also, take me camping when you get back around CA. This was fun to read. Real-life Austin camping would be more fun.

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