IPhone XR: An Affordable Choice with Premium Features

If you compare iPhone XR with iPhone X, you will find it lacking. The screen size is less than 1080p. Bezels are thicker and the display is an LCD rather than OLED. Moreover, this phone comes with one camera in the rare as compared to iPhone X which comes with two cameras. The frame of this phone is made of aluminum instead of stainless steel. Moreover, this phone is slightly thicker as compared to other models.

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Even With these missing or downgraded features, iPhone XR is not less any other pricier iPhone. It’s a complete iPhone and it is as powerful as iPhone XS and XS max. The camera is quite brilliant. It comes in 6 different colors. The price starts from $749 which is less than Google Pixel 3 and not much more than Samsung Galaxy S9.

Pros and cons

Let’s start with the pros of this phone.

  • Phone comes in six different colors.
  • Fast processing just like iPhone XS and faster than any android phone.
  • Cameras capable of taking stunning photos.
  • Longest battery life.
  • Bigger, vibrant and brilliant display.

Now let’s talk about the cons.

  • Thicker than iPhone X.
  • Portrait mode available only for people.
  • Doesn’t come with the fast charger or dongle.
  • Thicker bezels which make the display look smaller.

Although the iPhone XR may be lacking features as compared to iPhone X, it is certainly the very iPhone that any Apple lover would want to have.

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Great phone which doesn’t require casing

iPhone XR is pretty enough to not require any additional casing. However, this matter of choosing regarding how the phone needs to look like is entirely dependent on the personal preferences of customers. However, the colors in which the phone is available are quite amazing.

The metal frame of this phone comes with aluminum rather than surgical-grade stainless steel but this strengthened aluminum body makes the phone nothing less than a premium smartphone.

Good thing about this phone is that it is quite resistant to water and dust. The phone worked well for 30 minutes at the depth of 3-feet water. So, this phone is going to work quite well unless you plan it to take to the ocean.

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Screen size

IPhone XR has a 6.1-inch screen which is larger than 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus and the 5.8-inch iPhone X/XS. However, it is slightly smaller than 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. This phone can be placed between iPhone XS and XS Max. What’s amazing is that it is less expensive as compared to the both. Moreover, this phone comes with LCD rather than OLED which is present in iPhone XS and XS Max. OLED is, undoubtedly, better than LCD from many perspectives.

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Hence, this phone looks terrific unless you compare it with iPhone XS and XS Max from the perspective of its display.

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