I find it unlikely that social wouldn't work for Netflix or other video media apps, and more likely that Netflix's understanding of how social would/should function as a component of the viewer experience to be wrong.

Look at Douban, which is basically a social network about your list of favorite films and films you'd like to watch, and a few more things.

Or YouTube, which of course isn't so much about full-length films, but perhaps the social component could have been other users sharing thoughts about films they've watched either as vlogs or in written form.

The issue may have been tieing social to identity; your friends aren't necessarily who you look to for conversations around film, but rather influencers and micro influencers as in other markets.

Economics shaping aesthetics

Executive summary

Everlane. Warby Parker. Bonobos. Glossier. Digital-first consumer brands that are all hugely successful and growing rapidly thanks to business savviness and venture capital funding that has helped them grow rapidly. When compared to their independent contemporaries like Eckhaus Latta and Vaquera, another commonality becomes apparent — these brands all look…

It is for increasing margins through differentiation

Executive summary

Vertical integration is not a way of “cutting out the middleman and his damn margin” (Tesla) to reduce costs, but more appropriately used to create competitive advantages, to develop a strategy, to differentiate a product or service. Regardless of why vertical integration is pursued, it is not something that cuts…

Process innovation in entertainment

Executive summary

Blumhouse Productions does not have a formula but a process for producing box offices hits — a process that gives it control over finances, and creative freedom to directors to tell the best story possible. With low budgets that preclude big name actors and directors in its productions, the success…

Kyoichi Tsuzuki, legendary Japanese independent publisher and creator if cult titles including HAPPY VICTIMS and UNIVERSE for RENT, meets Chiyonori Kitamura, an emerging photographer whose first two books were published in 2017 by Modes Vu. Originally publish in Japanese in Tsuzuki ROADSIDERS’ Weekly and published with the author’s permission.


N. E. O. Bernhardsson

Writer @ Five Easy Pieces: http://fiveeasypieces.substack.com

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