The Verdict: Janes + Hooch

Classic cocktails done right in Beijing

With the apparent closing of my favourite bar in Beijing, Mao Mao Chong, it only seemed appropriate to write up my second favourite bar, now first place by way of the other closing, Janes + Hooch.

Get off at the Tuanjiehu metro station and make your way back through the warehouses and one is rewarded with a spectacular bar tucked in the middle of a bunch of terrible expat establishments. Given the surroundings, it is odd that this oasis doesn’t attract the same clientelle that the neighbors do but I am never going to complain about that.

The bar itself is divided into 2 levels. The lower level is non-smoking and one can sit at the bar and the upper level is smoker-friendly and is table service only. The staff on both levels are super quick and friendly.

The menu is standard classics with slight variations based on local ingredients and the execution is spot on. Precision seems to be the key here, as if they take Jerry Thomas’ recipes as the rule of law when forming the base drink. Ask for any cocktail here and you will get exactly what you want, and cheap.

Janes + Hooch, China, Beijing Shi, Dongcheng, 工体北路4号