The Verdict: Little Red Door

“Is the glass supposed to be the Queen?” “No, that’s Lulu White

When arriving at the location the obvious thing to do is actually open the red door, given that’s the name of the bar. Let me save anyone else from embarassment in saying the red door is just for show and does not open — one needs to open the unmarked door on the left to enter the bar. Luckily the staff are well prepared to deal with newcomers trying to bust their way in via said red door and will come to your rescue to let you in.

Once inside this cozy space the bartenders immediately make you feel at home and they have one of the most interesting menu concepts I have ever experienced in a cocktail bar. The menu itself is only art and each page in the menu is a piece of art from an artist who was asked to create imagery that represents the drink. If one wants to cheat, they can slide out a small piece from the side to see the ingredients but that takes the fun out of it in my opinion.

The drinks here are wonderful and surprising and connecting the drink back to the image on the menu is lots of fun. Coupled with a super friendly staff and laid back atmosphere this is absolutely my favourite bar in Paris.

60 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris, France

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