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Instagram Views And Followers

we set up a subscription to receive updates whenever one of our client’s authenticated users posts a media. Note that this subscription is for all of the client’s authenticated users, not just a specific user. Other than the required client_id, client_secret, and callback_url parameters, the two parameters you need to include in order to subscribe to all photo updates from a user are: object: The object you’d like to subscribe to (in this case, “user”) aspect: The aspect of the object you’d like to subscribe to (in this case, “media”). Note that we only support “media” at this time, but we might support other types of subscriptions in the future.

Why should I buy Instagram Views?

Nowadays, if you have Videos on Buy Instagram Views, it will display a view counter. This shows how many people have watched your videos. Loops count as just 1 view. The view counter is not (yet) available on the Instagram web version, but it does display inside the mobile application.


1.Use 11 hashtags
2.Use the most Popular hashtags
3.Taking great Pictures

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Well, not to mention that you will increase your credibility by showing more Instagram views on your videos but it is a fact that users are more comfortable with Instagram users that have more reputation including followers, likes, comments & views which ends up in more organic engagement. The real deal however is content. The better content you can offer then definitely the better results you will get. It’s good practice to check profiles with massive amount of engagement to analyze their content strategy then implement your own.