How to Do Keyword Research with Webmaster Tools’ Google Search Console

Keyword research is the foundation of a competent blog strategy. We already showed you how to do keyword research with Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Now, let’s unlock the potential of Webmaster Tools’ Google Search Console for keyword research.
First, some housekeeping. Google rebranded “Google Webmaster Tools” to “Google Search Console” in hopes of getting more users. From this point forward, we’re going to call it Google Search Console (Search Console, for short).

Getting Started
You won’t have access to any of this juicy data until you register and verify your account with our Google overlords. But really, it just ensures that you have authority over the site (and not plugging in someone else’s).
I would strongly recommend following Moz’s Google Search Console setup process. It’s the most thorough and complete walkthrough of registering your site.
Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Benefits Of Using Google Search Console

  1. Access to (not provided) keyword data in Google Analytics
    If you use Google Analytics for your site traffic data, you’re familiar with this page:

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