Adaptive development: great progress and some niggles..
Pete Vowles 🇰🇪🇬🇧

Great to get your new/ returned field perspective, Pete. Yes, logframes hold back adaptation; I think that has been said for a long time. The Big Push Forward’s talk of logframes and other ‘artefacts’ of the results agenda is worth revisiting on this. There is a risk that pioneers and early adopters of adaptive approaches forget that they are in the vanguard: you’ve done fantastic stuff, but there is still a large majority behind you, either unconvinced or unsure or feeling trapped by an incentive structure (of funding, results frameworks and public communications) built around predictability, linearity and often false self-confidence. The momentum is building on adaptive management, but there’s a very long way still to go!

(As a parallel, I remember 12 years ago thinking we’d cracked the case for humanitarian cash transfers, for example: I’m still bemused seeing calls for roll-outs of this ‘innovation’.)