Whilst the Modr8 bot platform is a SaaS package, requiring no code knowledge, we do want to share some optimisation techniques we have found to be crucial to running any service against the Telegram bot API.

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An unresponsive or slow bot, no matter its purpose can turn users off from engagement and ultimately reduce your usage. If you are coding your own bot you may find the following tips quite useful.

Optimisation 1: Server location

Without a doubt one of the single most effective solutions for improving the speed your bot processes messages and returns a response to users comes down to the…


To welcome you to the new Modr8.net blog posts we want to offer an insight into how the whitelabel telegram community moderation engine was born. This is the first, in a series of posts which will explain how we work with Telegram communities and also monitor the advancement of spammers/scammers methods to develop our product.

Lets begin…


Whilst being involved in Crypto projects during the 2017 bullrun we noticed the amount of Telegram based communities exploded with often tens of thousands of users all chatting within project communities and groups. …


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