So I got sat down and told how a woman is like a flower that blooms in the morning and everyone wants to touch it and withers in the evening.
Finding Affordable Birth Control in Lagos (II)

To start with, this analogy where we call the woman a flower gets to me all the time; and that it always has to end with her withering/dying is just pathetic. This notion has been ridiculously passed around so much that many (men and women alike) have come to believe it as true. I say if we ‘have to’ compare her to a flower, then we should focus on more of her interesting qualities like her appeal, smell, elegance and lots more. And while we’re at it, how about we start comparing her to a rock, a fort, a stronghold, a river of wisdom; I wouldn’t run out of amazing things to liken her to if I tried. But then, I digress.

I must say that I was never comfortable with the idea of seeing a professional about Birth Control due to many reasons, some of which you have raised here, but then in recent times, with increasing insight and articles like this, I have come to believe that it is the adult thing to do for the sexually active person (and even for the sexually inactive individual who deems it fit).

As for the health workers, it is first their duty to educate and then provide counsel on what is medically beneficial to any patient. If they do not understand this and seek to do otherwise, I honestly do not know what they are doing in those robes.

I enjoyed reading your experience.

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